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Man's oldest Friend What's in a  name

POODLE comes from the German word PUDEL which describes someone who like to splash in puddles.

PUG is the old English word for GOBLIN or MONKEY.

POINTERS POINT when they find their quarry where as SETTERS SET (crouches down and stares at the target).

GERMAN SHEPHERDS became known as ALSATIANS because of anti-German feelings following WW1.

LUDWIG DOBERMAN was a German tax collector who developed a fierce breed dog to help him on his rounds.

CHIHUAHA is a state in northern Mexico.

LABRADOR is a region in Canada but LABRADORS actually come from NEWFOUNDLAND where they helped fishermen pull in their nets.

COCKER SPANIELS came from SPAIN were they were used to hunt WOODCOCKS.

The Royal family of China lived in Peking had their own breed of dog. During the Boxer Rebellion around 1900 some were stolen and taken to Britain and called PEKINGESE..

The KING CHARLES SPANIEL is a Japanese breed that became a favorite in the court of KING CHARLES of England.

TERRIER comes from the latin word TERRA which means earth. The original TERRIERS were trained to run down hole and hunt burrowing animals.

GREYHOUNDS get their name from the old Saxon word GREI meaning FINE or BEAUTIFUL.